Thursday, December 2, 2010

COP Day 4: Youth and Future Generations Day!

The WAGGGS delegation encourages you to join the young women representing WAGGGS at COP16 in an action song TODAY!  This song is very popular. It was first sung by youth at a Climate Change conference in Canada in 2005, and was performed by youth, including the WAGGGS delegation, at the 2009 climate change conference in Denmark.

Our WAGGGS delegation at COP16 will sing this song at COP16 TODAY as part of Young and Future Generations (Yo-Fu-Ge) Day.  We will join about 200 youth in singing this song at the Climate Change Conference and invite you to join in by performing this action song in your own community today, too!
Youth and Future Generations Day T-shirt!

Youth Action: Standing along entrance way making a statement that youth are not part of negotiation process

WAGGGS Climate Change action song with other youth at 12pm!! 

An interview with Associated Press Washington and Chinese News! 

Katie, WAGGGS panelist at side event: Living up to the education challenge of Article 6.  Katie also spoke at a side event entitled: Non-formal peer education and Article 6.
Miriam moderating side event panel: Living up to the education challenge of Article 6--preparing children and young people for climate change. 

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