Sunday, December 13, 2009

COP15: weekend!

This weekend has been well spent debriefing, sleeping, strategizing, and meeting new scouts!

On Saturday, we woke up and enjoyed breakfast at "Speedy's Pancake Parlor." What a nice treat it was to have pancakes and jam. Afterwards, we debriefed as a delegation. We reflected on our experience individually, in small groups, and as a whole delegation. It is very important that we talk about our experiences and understand our role for week 2 at COP15.

In the afternoon, part of our delegation rested, some did laundry, and others marched in the "Flood in Copenhagen" with about 100,000 advocates for a bold, science-based, and just policy on climate change. I did laundry and worked on my knitting project while we waited! I also went grocery shopping with my patrol last night.

On Sunday, I attended the "Bright Green" exhibition in Copenhagen. I learned more about technology in renewable energy sources.

We also met with the Princess of Denmark! It was very exciting to meet her with the other scouts.

Today is the celebration of St. Lucia, so tonight we will sing songs to commemorate and celebrate St. Lucia.

I now feel recovered from my first week of COP15 and look forward to the events of week 2!

Yours Truly in Guding and Scouting,

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